First Prize Rukunya


HMEF Student Project Prize Winners, 2013

Taken from blog by Kate Wotton

Saturday morning, November 23 at 8:00 am, student groups are already busily moving about the classroom mounting their posters on the walls.  Some have as many as 20 full manila sheets. Their places have been assigned in advance by Moses Ntaro, the assistant coordinator of the Community Based Education Program at MUST. There is a sense of excitement in the room, among examiners and students. I make a mental note that we are going to have to limit the number of posters in future. The six student groups selected by faculty examiners as the best in their group  are from: Kisoro Hosp, Rukunyu, Ruhoko, Kabuyanda, Bugoye B, and Rubanda PHC. Our job is to select the top three to receive the Hillman Medical Education Fund prizes. The prizes will allow them to present their project at scientific gatherings outside of the university. This is the second year the prizes have been offered. The first year, not all groups were aware of the prizes, but this year, the visibility of  last year’s winners have helped to spread the word and the competition has intensified and it  is clear that there is more polish to the presentations this year.

The community projects we will be evaluating have been done by groups of multidisciplinary students drawn from medicine, lab, pharmacy and nursing. The students spent 5 weeks in rural field placements throughout the South West of Uganda. They were attached to Health Centers. We are interested in learning if and how they connected with the community-based health workers at the site, whether they engaged the community in the project, how they dealt with any setbacks and their sense of commitment to the community. Many of the projects have to do with sanitation and construction of Tippy Taps and latrine covers this year.

It is hard in such a group to pick winners, however when the scores of the examiners are tallied  1st prize goes to the Rukunya group; 2nd prize goes to Kisoro Hospital group and 3rd prize to Kabuyanda group. The Kisoro group also was a winner  last year. Their faculty supervisor, Simon Rugera from Laboratory Medicine is justly proud of his groups. It’s a great day for celebrating the students, their supervisors and MUST University.

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