Umaru Setongo is a member of African Hearts who needs a sponsor to enable him to go to school.

He is 12 years old, has lost his father, and lives with his mother who has HIV. Umaru loves music and plays the trumpet in the band, he has had to miss a lot of school because he has not had anyone able to pay his school fees for a long time  In spite of this he is always cheerful and ready to help those around him. He is quiet and hard working, loves bright colours and animals, and dreams that on his birthday he may be able to go swimming and have his favourite thing to eat – chicken!



Marjorie (left) with a friend

Marjorie Nakakade is 8 years old and lives in the Chibaga district of Kampala with her two brothers Marvin and Tony. Since her mother died she has been cared for mostly by her aunt and grandmother. Marjorie is in the P5 class at Kyaggwe Road Primary School, where her elder brother used to be head boy, She has been doing well in her studies, especially in math, and when she leaves school she wants to work in a bank to help people save money. However, at present she cannot go to classes, as her father is very ill, has lost his job as a bus conductor and is unable to pay her school fees. Sitting at home she tries to keep up with her studies but misses her friends. Marjorie urgently needs sponsorship to return to school, continue her studies, take the exams she needs to pass to be promoted to the next class,  and be amongst her friends.

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