By Dr. Mutabazi Uganda Health and Education

Health and Development Agency Uganda is privileged to have been given an opportunity by Hillman Medical Education Fund of Rose Charities Canada to scale-up Impact Through Peers Project to Stand Tall Education Centre, a no-fee primary school in Kampala Uganda with pupils aged between 9-17 years from poor backgrounds. This is expected to start in May 2012.

The project will be implemented in two phases: Phase I will involve training of Peer Group Trainers (PGTs) who will be selected from the teaching staff of Stand Stall. The PGTs will be trained in Facilitation Skills including Energizers for Workshops, Leadership Skills, Body Changes in Adolescence, Prevention of
Sexually Transmitted Infections among adolescents, Gender and Sexuality, Hygiene & Sanitation, Career Planning , Environmental protection among others. The training shall be interactive and learner-driven and devoid of the traditional lecture approaches.

The trained PGTs will then train Peer Group Educators who shall be selected by their classmates. This will be followed by the creation of Peer Group Clubs at Stand Tall Education Centre.

Phase II: The clubs shall continue to give messages about the above topics in form of poems, drama shows, role plays and health education talks. With the overarching goal of doing more with less, HEADA Uganda has decided to use the Stand Tall Education Centre teaching staff as the PGTs.

HEADA Uganda strives to empower adolescents with information as they sail through the rugged terrain of a continuum of body changes and believes that “an Adolescent with the right Information is an Empowered one” and welcomes support towards this endeavor.

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