heada_tippytapHealth and Development Agency Uganda has successfully completed the first phase of the Impact through Peers Project in which Peer Group Trainers and Peer Group Educators were trained.

Starting April 2012, we will implement the second phase in which we shall establish and operationalize Peer Group Clubs in six schools in Mbarara municipality South western Uganda. The Clubs will prepare role plays, poems, drama shows, posters, and songs all giving messages on Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies, reduction of stigma and bullying, promotion of hygiene and sanitation, environmental protection, increasing cervical cancer awareness and career planning and development. One of the areas the clubs will concentrate on is sanitation and hygiene including hand washing before and after eating as well as after visiting the latrine. The Peer Clubs will take lead in construction of tippy taps using cheap and easily accessible materials to ensure that students wash hands after visiting
the latrine.

Twinamatsiko Crinad, Peer Group Trainer says: “The approach to training of trainers at HEADA Uganda under the impact through Peers project is quite unique compared to other trainings i have previously received. Apart from serving to bolster my confidence, the training has helped me to acquire skills knowledge for my own welfare and the well being of adolescents.

The participatory approach in which the trainees are allowed to prepare and take lead of the training session followed by an evaluation by fellow trainees and the facilitator has been indispensable in imparting facilitation skills into me. The training has made me a transformed adolescent trainer that looks at adolescents with divergent behavior as those that need my intervention rather than stigmatizing them. This training made me realize that I probably survived my own adolescence period by chance as I never had a chance to access such information when I needed it most.

We would wish to scale up this project to more schools in south western Uganda but for meager resources and as such we would welcome support to help undertake this endevour.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope, has everything”
-Dr. Mutabazi Sharif, Executive Director Health and Development Agency Uganda.

If you would like to help support this project, please donate to Rose Charities through Canada Helps and select “Hillman Fund” from the drop down menu. This project has a massive impact on teenagers in the program and they are looking for funds to expand this project into more schools. All donations over $25 receive a Canadian tax receipt. Thank-you so much for your donation!

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