– Vancouver-based
– Member of AFRose group of Rose Charities Canada independent member projects

– Formed in 2007 after tragic death of Avchen Pinkard (nee Harivel)
– Website is www.handsupforafrica.org
– E-mail is info@handsupforafrica.org
– Administered by a Board – see website

1. Support for girls-at-risk in Nairobi through annual scholarships for 2 girls with Rescue Dada (see http://rescuedadacentre.org/r_dada/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1&Itemid=3) and http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/32650

2. Support for Elizabeth Mwangi, more commonly known  as Mama Mercy, who works in her district of Kajiado from her home town of Ongata-Rongai, 10km SW of Nairobi for the care, feeding and education of needy children.  See www.handsupforafrica.org .  There are two principal locales; the well/greenhouse/schoolhouse site, and the Christ Cares Children’s Centre Avchen and Abigail Mercy House which is 300m distant.

a. Basic infrastructure (office, partial dormitory, latrines) -2008 – $4,500.
b. Drilled borehole well completed to 120m – 2009 – $39,000 (this includes electrical and plumbing connections and pipe to second compound) – (see Google Earth at  1 28’24.60″ S, 36 45’33.82″ E); Grants from Planet Wheeler Foundation ($26,000 from Planet Wheeler), and raised funds from HUFA.
c. Additional infrastructure – 2009/2010 – $27,000 (with assistance of this amount from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Vancouver, caused erection/completion of two dormitories, kitchen, bakery, dining hall, administration space, cow manger and feed storage, latrines, shower, storage for corn and tools).
d. Erection and additional operational requirements for two 40′ by 25′ greenhouses  – $5,000 – funds provided by a Toronto church which donated the funds directly to Mama Mercy and Christ Cares Children’s Centre.

Additional current projects:
e. Raising funds towards purchase of a multi-purpose vehicle to relieve a significant source of stress for MM, viz., arranging travel for children, delivery of produce, transport of water, pick-up and delivery of volunteers/children assessment professionals, and the like. Currently, funds stand at about $18,000 with target of $22,000.

Fund raising has taken place across a range of activities.  Events typically produce $500-10,000, and range from pub-nights to raise awareness, to presentations and auctions, to friends-of-Avchen gatherings, pledge-runners’ participation in half-marathons and other awareness-raising events we attend by invitation.