Half a Million Treated for Eye Conditions and Blindness


Half a million in 18 years

It is hard to believe that the new Rose Charities Eye Hospital in Cambodia started as a single room. Since 1998, over half a million Cambodians have been treated for eye conditions and many thousands have had their sight restored or blindness prevented. Most of them for free, thanks to your donations and the dedication of Dr Hang Vra and his team who worked for years on a shoe-string budget under very difficult conditions.


New Beginnings

Today Dr Hang Vra is Cambodia’s most highly-qualified eye surgeon, performing complex retinal surgery and other state of the art skills. This year he has moved the Rose Clinic into wonderful new premises and will begin a whole new chapter using paid surgeries for the wealthy to cover the costs of free surgery for the poor. But we still need your support as it costs $20 to perform a cataract surgery and there are far more needy patients than can be covered by the local profits. Every donation of $20 will restore someone’s sight.

If you would like to donate $20 to restore someone’s sight, please click on the link below and select “Cambodia” from the menu at the top. Thank-you for your donation!!


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