Who we are:

We are a team of Canadian bilingual French/English speaking physician and nurse educators specializing in newborn care.

What We Do:

We teach Haitian nurses and doctors to care for newborns during the first moments of life. These basic but critical skills make a meaningful difference in the long term health and welfare of babies. Starting out life with good health in any society is important but in Haiti it is essential.


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We teach Haitian nurses and doctors to care for newborns during the first moments of life.



We develop French Language curriculum for nursing schools and hospitals and bring current North American courses to hospital healthcare professionals.


Develop Haitian healthcare professionals to continue to teach the curriculums provided to other professionals in the hospital


We provide educational tools, French language nursing and medical textbooks and hospital equipment.

Our Story

After the 2010 Earthquake Rose Charities sent many healthcare professionals to provide direct care within healthcare facilities in Port au Prince. During this time, many healthcare professionals in Haiti expressed a need for newborn care education for hospital based physicians and nurses. Based on this request, Rose Charities did an educational needs assessment and then began to bring newborn healthcare curriculum to both the State School of Nursing and numerous hospitals in Port au Prince.

Our goal was to teach teachers how to provide newborn education so that the education could continue independently.

We were also moved by the great loss of 200 nurses at the State School of Nursing and assisted with the school’s desire to continue training by providing new French nursing textbooks, and sending a container full of the many tools needed in a skills lab.

Future Plans

We plan to continue to provide newborn resuscitation courses to Haitian healthcare professionals directly and indirectly through supporting Haitian trained educators. We continue to look for opportunities to share our knowledge and build capacity in the healthcare educators of Haiti.

Volunteer Run

As an entirely volunteer-run group, we welcome any help that we can get. Whether you are interested in helping with fundraising efforts, event planning, spreading the word, or have any other skill that you think we could benefit from, we would love to hear from you.

How you can help

Even a small donation can make a huge difference: in addition to training we also provide medical and educational equipment, books and medical supplies. Thank-you for supporting of our project! Together we can help Haitian nurses and doctors improve outcomes for newborns in Haiti.


We Have a Passion for Health

We pride ourselves in keeping our overhead costs at a minimum and are committed to ensuring every penny makes its way to Haiti. It costs $250 to train one nurse or doctor in NRP and we train an average of 60 people per trip. Thank-you for your donation!


Karen Schafer RN
Co-ordinator and Instructor