Haiti HealthCare Team 2016
Jonathan Auguste, Dr Natacha Hebert, Dr Alex Coutsoumpos, Dr Caroline Beaudry, Aniqueka Scott, Karen Schafer, Edward Martin
 We have renewed enthusiasm as a result of our 2016 trip to Haiti and an opportunity to offer longer term follow-on with the Haitian Adventist Hospital in Carrefour. This hospital has a huge support network stemming from the Adventist Church and Adventist Health International. www.haitiadventisthospital.org We saw a change in leadership that excited us and gave us hope; a leadership that was visible daily to all the staff and supported education in very concrete ways.
Aniqueka is the Adventist Hospital’s education leader and a key to the long term success of education for staff at this hospital. Our classes were full each day with eager learners. We trained 46 doctors/nurses from the Adventist hospital and 14 doctors/nurses/paramedics from 6 other facilities. During our visit we planned our follow-on and 4 weeks after we see that this is actually happening. They are scheduled and resourced to offer neonatal resuscitation refresher sessions for the staff who attended the courses in March. Our plan is to have skill refresher sessions every three months, so that when we return next year, we can build on the skill set taught in our initial course. We will provide simulation based education and move the classroom into the patient care areas to bring it alive in their real work environment.
We are also partnering with Sean Smith an independent highly qualified healthcare educator from Critical-Care Professionals International based in North Carolina. Sean is doing similar work with the Adventist Hospital and we are now partnering with him to increase the potential. He intends to go to Haiti monthly and will be a key to the follow-on work.
As I write this, my spirits are high and I am confident that we can truly make a difference to healthcare outcomes at the Adventist Hospital in Haiti. Help us to get back to Haiti and support the great work that is happening there.

Our funding goal is $15,000.00.

Any donation to this project will make a huge difference to newborn health in Haiti. If you would like to donate to this project, please click on the link below and select “Haiti Healthcare Education” in the top section. Thank-you for your support!




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