Haiti Children and Youth Project

Who we are:

We are a small group of Rose Charities volunteers in Canada, led by Jean Lubin, who work closely with the Haitian non-government organization “Source d'Espoir Communautaire” (Source of Community Hope) in the community of Lavalee located just outside the city of Jacmel on Haiti's southern coast. “Source d'Espoir Communautaire”, also lead by volunteers, has a Christian foundation and welcomes participants of any faith to attend its programs. We raise funds and receive donated sports equipment for the project activities. Jean Lubin and the Haitian committee plan, organize, and coordinate the project activities with the help of many community volunteers and partners.

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Jean Lubin, a Haitian-Canadian who was born and raised in Haiti, began this project in 2012 after his first trip back to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. During this trip Jean visited the community of Miragoane. He was surprised by the number of orphaned children sent to live with family or friends in Miragoane after the earthquake and the level of poverty. Motivated to do something to help, Jean developed a partnership with a few young men and women in Miragoane who were passionate about helping their community.

This partnership led to planning a soccer camp for children and youth in Miragoane in August 2012 and the formation of a committee of leaders. The first soccer camp was a huge success so was continued every summer. Other project activities, such as an annual youth retreat and donated goats for orphans, were added. In February 2017, the project successfully expanded to the community of Lavalee. Unfortunately, later that year, project activities in Miragoane ended due to the expiration of the committee's Haitian non-government organization certification and leadership challenges.

Soccer Camp

Held every August for children and youth. The camp activities include not only soccer for boys and girls but also singing, stories, arts and crafts, cultural games, health and social education, and training on how to be environmentally responsible. Daily nutritious snacks and complete, healthy meals are provided for all participants.

Youth Retreat

Youth are invited to attend this annual retreat during Haiti’s country wide “Carnaval”, a musical festival like Mardi Gras, held every February. The retreat is a safer and more educational alternative to joining “Carnaval” festivities. The youth enjoy sports, education (health, cultural, responsibilities as citizens, caring for the environment), skits and games, singing.


In Haiti, students at both public and private schools pay annual school fees along with the cost of their school uniform and their school supplies. Some students are currently in school but may not be able to finish the year if they cannot pay the full tuition. Others can not afford the fees so have had to put their education on hold. Every summer, school supplies are distributed to the Soccer Camp attendees and some students with the greatest need are provided bursaries.

Hurricane Matthew

When Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, it destroyed or damaged nearly every house in southern Haiti. Most gardens were washed away and livestock killed. Communities, once again, had to rebuild. Through our network of volunteers we were able to bring emergency food aid and water purification tablets to the community of Miragoane within 2 days of the disaster. We also helped the most vulnerable rebuild their homes by providing new metal roofs to 4 homes in Miragoane and 2 homes in Lavalee.


If interested in this project, please consider helping out in one or more of the following ways:

Donate Financially
Even a small donation can make a difference. Our project is volunteer-run and 97% of your donation goes toward the project.
Donate Equipment
We are always happy to receive donations of soccer uniforms or equipment, skipping ropes, or any other much needed item.
Donate your Time
Tell others about this project, organize a fund raising event, contact us to volunteer your time and skills.


We want to See Children and Youth Succeed

We strive to bring hope through education and community activities. Thank you for donating to this project which supports children and youth who will be the next generation of leaders in Haiti.


Jean Lubin –  jeanlubin@rosecharities.ca
Terri Lubin –  terrilubin@rosecharities.ca