Help us Win $10,000!

For the entire month of June, every dollar donated through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge gives us a chance to win $10,000!

We are raising money for our Campaign: ‪#‎RoseGrows‬, which will provide community gardens, chickens and cows for schools, goats for Haitian orphans, seeds for families as well as teaching farming and business skills to some of the world’s most needy.

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Projects that we have done so far:


GOATS: We raise funds to buy a goat for Children and Youth who have been orphaned by the Haitian Earthquake. The kids from the goat are sold to help the orphan contribute to their adopted family and can provide funds for school. $75 can buy a goat for an orphan.

SEEDS: There are many families in Haiti who are able to farm, but are so poor, they can not even afford to buy seeds. $20 can buy seeds for the most needy and can help feed an entire family.


COMMUNITY GARDENS: Whole villages work together on the farms and share the harvest. Extra produce can be sold at markets for income. We can teach farming and business skills to get more income. Help us do more! $300 can buy land, seeds, and tools to help an entire village start farming!


LIVESTOCK IN SCHOOLS: Help a school become more self sustainable while teaching agriculture and business skills at the same time. Cows, goats and chickens have been donated to schools, which can teach children about caring for an animal, and how to make money from it. $50 can buy chickens, $75 can buy a goat and $100 can buy a calf.

SEEDS FOR SCHOOLS: Children learn the basics of growing vegetables and fruit for selling in the market. It helps raise money for the school and teaches skills they can use at home and in life. $20 can buy seeds and tools for a school.

We can do a lot for $10,000!! Every donation made in June can put us in the running! Get Charitable! and Thanks for helping us reach our goals!!



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