L to R, Josephine de Freitas, Tim Maguire, Gordon Thierrault, Will Grut, Maggie Francis.

Facilitated by Consultant Gordon Therriault, a two day strategic planning workshop was held the members of the Rose Charities main board in the offices of Vanderluit and Co (Accountants). The costs and premises for the workshop were generously donated by Vanderluit (Eric Vanderluit – Hon Treasurer of Rose Charities) so no funds were used from Rose Charities projects funds. The initiative had been formulated by Maggie Francis (Chair) and Eric.

The workshop covered such aspects as task distribution, organization promotion, setting goals, structuring implementation, fund-raising, etc. All directors were in agreement that it was a highly productive and should help Rose Charities Canada be more structured, effective and efficient in the future.

Vanderluit and Associates workshop venue. L to R: Tim Maguire, Gordon Thierrault, Eric Vanderluit.