Rose Sri Lanka’s Health and Nutrition Programs

Rose Sri Lanka has been holding workshops on the importance of good health and nutrition and its relationship to Education. Right now, they are running three different nutrition programs: one aimed at pregnant mothers, one for mothers with young children and one for parents of preschoolers aged 3-5. Both of these programs focus on the importance of good nutrition for proper development.

Rose Sri Lanka has also been running other workshops directed at at-risk or underprivileged groups. These workshops are put on with the assistance of the Department of Education and the Department of Health. They cover topics such as: Health Habits, Hygenic Measures, the Importance of preschool, Child Nutrition, Breastfeeding, Family Planning, Infectious Diseases, Child Care, Nutritional Foods, Immunization, Vocational Training and Livelihood Development.

These projects have been incredibly successful and in 2011 Rose Sri Lanka put on 23 workshops to a total of 2088 people!

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