So far: 20 goats have been donated to support post-earthquake orphans in Miragoane, Haiti!

We can hardly wait to see the faces of the orphans who will each receive the gift of a goat later this month. Caring for the female goat then selling it’s offspring will enable the orphans to pay for their education, help support themselves, and bring them hope for their future. We are very thankful for the generous individuals who are making this goat project possible!

A photo of each orphan, hopefully with their new goat, will be sent to each donor to express our thanks and appreciation for their practical support.

There are at least 38 other orphans who could benefit from the gift of a goat. Donate $100 today to support one of these orphans! Click on the link below and select “Haiti” from the drop-down menu. In the additional comments, write that your donation is for a goat!

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