Hillman Fund Supports Ebola Preparedness in Uganda

africabUganda has had outbreaks of Ebola and Marburg in the past and is now preparing for the spread of the current epidemic across its borders.

Lack of clean water and poor sewage is a challenge to disease control. Lack of understanding of infection control and cultural practices such as washing the dead, contribute to the spread of infection. We are working with the Dept of Family Medicine at Makerere Uganda to develop a training program to prepare communities against a new epidemic. Health workers will teach how to prevent the spread of disease, with simple practices of hand washing, sanitation, reporting of symptoms and isolation of the sick. We will be providing the very basics – soap, buckets, disinfectant and rubber gloves to put the skills into practice. Correct early treatment of Ebola has an impact on survival (e.g abstain from analgesic medication and hydrate) so this knowledge will be included. The program will be tested in 2 rural slums and one rural village. After evaluation it will be extended across the nation. The Dept of Family Medicine will host a workshop to develop the strategy and protocols to ensure the effectiveness of the program.

Addressing health issues at grass roots using simple practices and affordable equipment is key to disease control.

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