Make your donation count!

Did you know that some charities can have over 50% in overhead costs? Rose Charities strives to have
the lowest overhead costs possible, so that 96% of your donation goes towards the cause. We also feel
that donations need to be spent in the most efficient way, so as to help as many people as possible.

We accomplish that by having a local leader for each of our projects and by working closely with
communities to create the most effective answer to their need. We also work in emergency relief,
responding to disaster stricken communities like Haiti, Sri Lanka and most recently Nepal.

We currently have 25 projects in ten countries and we focus mainly on healthcare, community
support, education and healthcare training. Our projects are diverse and range from Safe birthing in
Guatemala to student sponsorships in Uganda to community rebuilding in Vietnam. We are volunteer
run, secular and really committed to changing the world. We are looking for people to support our
projects and help make a difference in someone’s life.

We are entirely funded by donations and we really appreciate your support! All donations over $20
will receive a Canadian tax receipt. Thank-you!