The need to help Japan

Posted by Carrie on Sunday March 13th, 2011 at 19:42

Anyone watching the horrendous images on the TV of the devastation wrought by the 11th March earthquake and tsunami cannot be left in doubt that Japan needs help. Cortes de Cima is responding by making a cash donation to help Japan, by way of our friends Rose Charities. We were not at all surprised to learn that Rose Charities are already responding to this latest crisis, by collecting donations to assist AMDA HQ relief teams, who since 12th March have been active in Japan helping with emergency health care. AMDA is one of Japans foremost emergency relief organizations.
We have on many occasions in the past, supported Rose Charities, both with donations in money and in wine for their charity fundraising events, like BeBare. The previous time was March 2010, when they were raising money in support of the Haitian earthquake victims. We know that money given to Rose Charities is money well spent.  It was founded by aid workers who were disillusioned by the waste and bureaucracy often seen in international aid, and 98% of donations goes directly to support their work in many parts of the world.

On a personal note, we have been fortunate to have visited Japan on a couple of occasions, and never failed to be fascinated with the country, culture and people. Many Japanese visitors often visit us too. The previous Japanese ambassador to Portugal, Mr. Hara Satoshi, a very keen fan of Portuguese wines, honored us with attending our annual Danish Christmas Wine tasting and lunch.  Japan has been one of our earliest export markets, and they continue as enthusiastic customers for both our wines and olive oil. Since the disaster, we have received relieving news from both our distributors Liquor Mountain and Harimaya, that they and their employees have personally escaped any harm. We extend our most heartfelt wishes to all of our Japanese friends in these difficult times.