Donate a Goat and support a post earthquake Haitian orphan!

donate a goat!Give the gift of a donated goat to provide an orphan in Miragoane, Haiti, a sustainable income along with hope for their education and their future. 

Why goats? 

Goats are important to the economy and health of Haitian families because they provide nutritional protein as well as income. Some families kill a goat for their family to eat at the end of the year for Christmas or on December 31 to start the new year and celebrate Haiti’s Independence Day on January 1st.

Most Haitian children start to raise female goats by the age of eight. They tend the goat for their family or friends. As payment for looking after the goat, when the goat has babies the offspring is shared half and half between the owner of the goat and the child. A goat can have one to six babies at the same time which can be raised to eat or be sold or be kept to breed.

a Haitian goat
a Haitian goat

How will the gift of a goat help an orphan?

The orphans will primarily use the income they earn from raising the goat to go to school (to for pay school fees, uniform, school supplies). They would also be able to pay for some clothes, shoes, food as well as medical costs and other needs. There are many male goats available for breeding in the community of Miragoane so the orphans would not need to pay to breed their female goat.

Orphans who receive a goat will be required to give one or more of their goat’s babies to the family who have kindly taken them into their home (this could be the orphan’s extended family or no relation). They will be also required to give one of their goat’s future babies to ‘Espwa ak Kris’ (Hope with Christ), the non-government and non-profit organization which is administering this goat program. ‘Espwa ak Kris’ organizes an annual soccer camp and other recreational, educational activities for kids and teens in Miragoane. They know of 57 orphans so far.

For $100, give the gift of a goat today and support a Haitian orphan! 

All of your $100 gift will go towards the purchase of a goat. Those who generously make this donated gift will receive a photo of the child who received the goat.


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