Vietnam Flower Power

August 22, 2014By Josephine De FreitasVietnam No Comments

Flowers for English Classes As a result of our fundraising efforts, the children of Thanh Tien Flower Village now get English classes! Their teacher is one of our scholarship recipients from the village, who is now qualified to be a teacher. For 300 years, this was a royal village, devoted to making beautiful paper lotus flowers for the Emperor’s … Read More

Vietnam Farmers Get Taiphoon Help

March 26, 2014By Josephine De FreitasVietnam No Comments

 Some very needy farmers in Vietnam who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan have received funds to get back on their feet and start being able to generate some income.   This is Cung Thi Quen, who is 92 years old and makes a living raising ducks and chickens. Each family received between 1M and 2M VND. … Read More

Rose Vietnam helps Village Children

February 19, 2014By Josephine De FreitasVietnam No Comments

Here are some photos of some of  the activities of  Rose Vietnam funded by Rose Charities Canada.  We work with the village Thanh Tien  near Hue in Central Vietnam.  This village has traditionally been a centre for making paper flowers. You can see some of the flowers  in the background of this photo. The art of flower-making was … Read More

Project Forum Jan 2013

January 19, 2013By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, Cambodia Eye Centre, Education Madagascar, General Interest, Hillman Fund, Mayan Project Guatemala, Microcredit Sri Lanka, StandTall Education Uganda, Vietnam, Volset Foundation No Comments

Dr Andrew Macnab. Expert on Health promoting schools and founder Brighter Smiles Africa An amazing group of people attended the Jan 2013 Rose Charities Canada Project Forum of varied interests and backgrounds and organizations. A comment from one of the participants summarized it well ‘I cant believe the amount of shier competence and expertise present … Read More

Social Enterprise Seminar – Vancouver

November 18, 2012By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, Cambodia Eye Centre, Vietnam No Comments

Social Enterprise Seminar 2012. Held at the Creekside Community Centre Vancouver in Fall 2012, the seminar attracted a group of Rose Charities enthusiasts and supporters with wide interests and areas of involvement.  Rose Charities organizers believe very much in sustainability and local support and involvement for all projects and one way to achieve this is … Read More

Rose Charities Celebrates…

March 8, 2012By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre, Emergency Response, Hillman Fund, Malambo Grassroots Zambia, Microcredit Sri Lanka, Safe Birthing Afghanistan, Vietnam

Rose Charities Celebrates International Women’s Day ! Rose Charities has many projects aimed specifically at women. Often women are the most overlooked group when it comes to international aid projects, but we feel that any project aimed at women has a far reaching effect throughout the community. From women’s support groups to vocational training, we … Read More

Paper Flower Project Vietnam

February 19, 2012By Josephine De FreitasVietnam No Comments

Rose Vietnam has been approached by the chief of Thanh Thien village in Hue to help revitalize a 400-year indigenous craft of hand-made paper flowers. We learned that at one time this village was well known for these flowers but that since the war the industry has not flourished. Rose Vietnam was recently granted a … Read More