Brighter Smiles Program Reseach

August 27, 2011By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, Hillman Fund

Research on Health Promoting Schools The most recent research article evaluating the Brighter Smiles program has been published by The International Journal of Family Medicine. Canadian medical trainees cited their involvement in delivering the school-based program and ability to effect significant and positive change in both the participating children and the community as reasons why … Read More

New Fruit Tree Seedlings!

August 27, 2011By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda

Standtall Education Network   Thanks to a generous donation from Claudie and Gary Snarch on behalf of their newborn nephew, we have purchased 41 fruit bearing trees. They include papaya, orange, mango, avocado, macadamia, and guava.  With a two-year maturity date, we can expect our grounds to look like a garden very soon, not to … Read More