Adolescent Reproductive Health

February 8, 2012By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda No Comments

Impact Through Peers (ITP) project By Dr. Mutabazi Sharif, Executive Director Health and Development Agency Uganda This is a one year project funded by Rose Charities Canada through the Hillman Medical Education Fund that started in October 2011. The project covers six secondary schools in Mbarara Municipality, Western Uganda, reaching a total population of 4000 … Read More

Back to School!!

February 7, 2012By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda No Comments

The African Hearts School in Ssenge, Uganda celebrated the end of its first year of operation with a concert for parents. The photo shows the grade one class! The school started with 211 children. The team of teachers recruited have created a wonderfully warm and safe atmosphere where the students thrive. Good academic standards have … Read More

Uganda hydration study by Brighter Smiles

January 27, 2012By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, General Interest

Hydration study Renal failure is a major cause of death in middle age amongst Ugandans. In sub-Saharan Africa most children have limited access to clean water, and consequently probably drink much less than those in developed countries. A research study is being conducted by the 2011 team to evaluate the medical histories, physical examination findings, and daily fluid intake … Read More

Brighter Smiles School Celebration!

August 27, 2011By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda

African Hearts school celebration A parents day to celebrate the achievements of the new African Hearts Community School was held at Ssenge on July 3. A generous donation by ‘Masi” Bardi made it possible for parents, teachers, students, and the Brighter Smiles team to come together for an opening ceremony, performances by the children, … Read More

Medical Clinics in Uganda

August 27, 2011By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, Hillman Fund

Community school clinics begin The first clinic to be held at the African Hearts Community School has been conducted by the 2011 UBC GHI team. The predominant illness requiring emergency treatment was malaria and the most severe, loss of vision due to inflammation of the retina caused by Toxoplasmosis. Many children had acute respiratory infections … Read More

Brighter Smiling cows!

August 27, 2011By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda

Sisters for Grace and Gundy The two resident cows at Ssenge ‘Grace’ and ‘Gundy’ will soon have sisters through generous donations from Margaret and Janet in England and Chris and Deely in Vancouver. ‘Hannah Mary’ and ‘Deely’ will provide milk for the children living in the African Hearts house and the lunch program for children attending … Read More