Safe Motherhood in Afghan Refugee camps

November 14, 2015By Josephine De FreitasHillman Fund, Safe Birthing Afghanistan No Comments

Midwives in Afghanistan Most first-time mothers in Afghan refugee camps are young teenage girls age 12- 16. They give birth in the family tent, attended by family members. There is little knowledge in the community of hygiene and safe birth practices and consequently these girls have one of the highest maternal-mortality rates in the world. This year … Read More

Afghan Safe Birthing Program

September 7, 2012By Josephine De FreitasHillman Fund, Safe Birthing Afghanistan No Comments

Organized by Rose Charities’ partner: the Tabish Social Health Organization, the first short course in safe birthing has been conducted in the Northern Province IDP (Internally Displaced Person) Camp. It is estimated (WHO) that a woman dies every two hours in Afghanistan as a consequence of or during childbirth. The Afghan Health Ministry reports that about 18,000 Afghan … Read More

Rose Charities Celebrates…

March 8, 2012By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre, Emergency Response, Hillman Fund, Malambo Grassroots Zambia, Microcredit Sri Lanka, Safe Birthing Afghanistan, Vietnam

Rose Charities Celebrates International Women’s Day ! Rose Charities has many projects aimed specifically at women. Often women are the most overlooked group when it comes to international aid projects, but we feel that any project aimed at women has a far reaching effect throughout the community. From women’s support groups to vocational training, we … Read More

Women’s Health Workshop in Afghanistan

September 29, 2011By Josephine De FreitasGeneral Interest, Hillman Fund, Safe Birthing Afghanistan

1st Tabish-Hillman (Rose Charities) Womens Community Health Training has been implemented. Around 40 women from different communities and health centers received the training.    Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of both maternal and infant mortality in childbirth in the world (see below) “UN figures show that the number of women who perish in … Read More