Music Comes to Zambia

January 26, 2014By Josephine De FreitasMalambo Grassroots Zambia No Comments

Ngoma Dolce Music Academy   The program at Ngoma Dolce is going full steam ahead. Through the scholarship program there have been numerous workshops with the teachers at the Academy, as well as with visiting professors. Students from Kamulanga, a highschool Ngoma Dolce is working with, bus in over an hour each way to attend … Read More

Mirriam’s Story

July 4, 2012By Josephine De FreitasMalambo Grassroots Zambia No Comments

Malambo Grassroots Community Support For years Mirriam, in her 80’s, invited us around to see her house – and it’s growing problems. It was falling down around her and in the end ‘shifted’ in the night when there was heavy rain. The bedroom had been almost totally filled in by a giant termite mound. Like … Read More

Rose Charities Celebrates…

March 8, 2012By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre, Emergency Response, Hillman Fund, Malambo Grassroots Zambia, Microcredit Sri Lanka, Safe Birthing Afghanistan, Vietnam

Rose Charities Celebrates International Women’s Day ! Rose Charities has many projects aimed specifically at women. Often women are the most overlooked group when it comes to international aid projects, but we feel that any project aimed at women has a far reaching effect throughout the community. From women’s support groups to vocational training, we … Read More

Heidi Krutzen – Music and Malambo

January 24, 2012By Josephine De FreitasGeneral Interest, Malambo Grassroots Zambia

Two of Heidi’s available CD’s Heidi Krutzen ,  co-founder of  the the wonderful  Malambo Grassroots Zambia program in Canada , is also one of Canada’s leading harpists and Prinicpal Harp of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra  Heidi’s glowing musical background and history are well documented. In short she has played, taught masterclasses, recorded, premiered new works and performed … Read More

Keep kids in school (Zambia) !..

September 8, 2011By Josephine De FreitasMalambo Grassroots Zambia

LET’S KEEP THEM IN SCHOOL…   from Jocelyn (Malambograssroots) In Praise of Education – we are drumming up funds to add to our scholarship program and I found this comment in the Zambian Economist which directly illustrates the positive impact of keeping kids in school. “South Korea calculated that the economy grew by 6% for … Read More