Malambo Grassroots

December 20, 2020By rosecharities_3a2ms7Malambo Grassroots Zambia

Food Security during the Pandemic Sub-Saharan Africa is in the midst of a particularly severe drought. Many of those we work with had very limited access to food this year as their crops had not been able to give proper yields without rains. Thanks to your donations, we were able to provide emergency food aid … Read More

Ngoma Dolce Music Update

December 20, 2020By rosecharities_3a2ms7Malambo Grassroots Zambia

We continue to donate instruments and many replacement strings to the Academy! This year we received a lovely oboe, amongst other instruments, which means we are close to donating an entire orchestra of instruments to the Academy….we are just missing harp and bassoon! The music scholarship program continues to thrive. We have six scholars this … Read More

Malambo Graduates!

December 20, 2020By rosecharities_3a2ms7General Interest, Malambo Grassroots Zambia No Comments

Our university scholars have graduated! A huge congratulations to them on their wonderful achievements: Chimuka Ngilazi graduated with a Secondary Diploma in Religious Education, Civic Education and Guidance and Counselling at Technical Vocational Training College. He has now been accepted into the BA program at the same school and hopes to continue his studies. Coreen Mweetwa … Read More

Malambo Grassroots 2020

December 14, 2020By rosecharities_3a2ms7Malambo Grassroots Zambia

Hello to all! We think about how different the world is from our last update to you, and hope all are healthy and well in these challenging times. Covid-19 is affecting us all, including our friends in Zambia. We have stories of the challenges from this past year, and also many great stories of positivity … Read More

Music Comes to Zambia

January 26, 2014By Josephine De FreitasMalambo Grassroots Zambia No Comments

Ngoma Dolce Music Academy   The program at Ngoma Dolce is going full steam ahead. Through the scholarship program there have been numerous workshops with the teachers at the Academy, as well as with visiting professors. Students from Kamulanga, a highschool Ngoma Dolce is working with, bus in over an hour each way to attend … Read More

Mirriam’s Story

July 4, 2012By Josephine De FreitasMalambo Grassroots Zambia No Comments

Malambo Grassroots Community Support For years Mirriam, in her 80’s, invited us around to see her house – and it’s growing problems. It was falling down around her and in the end ‘shifted’ in the night when there was heavy rain. The bedroom had been almost totally filled in by a giant termite mound. Like … Read More