Rose NZ Retinal Surgeons train in Rose Cambodia Eye Hospital

September 10, 2015By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre No Comments

Images from the groundbreaking June 2015 Rose Charities NZ retinal surgical training team visit toDr Vra and Natalia’s Rose Cambodia Eye Hospital. June 2015. With retinal surgeons Dr. Muhammad Khalid, from Hawkes Bay and Dr Rob Weatherhead . This enormously successful visit organized by ike Webber (GNZM) Optometrist of Wanganui NZ , and funded by generous … Read More

Physiotherapy Training in Cambodia

February 8, 2014By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre, Hillman Fund No Comments

Cambodians Discover Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is greatly needed in Cambodia where there are many road, farm and factory accidents and no post-surgical rehabilitation. Many are left with disabilities that would have been prevented with post-operative physiotherapy. For many years there was almost no physiotherapy available in Cambodia and the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association CPTA struggled to … Read More

Project Forum Jan 2013

January 19, 2013By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, Cambodia Eye Centre, Education Madagascar, General Interest, Hillman Fund, Mayan Project Guatemala, Microcredit Sri Lanka, StandTall Education Uganda, Vietnam, Volset Foundation No Comments

Dr Andrew Macnab. Expert on Health promoting schools and founder Brighter Smiles Africa An amazing group of people attended the Jan 2013 Rose Charities Canada Project Forum of varied interests and backgrounds and organizations. A comment from one of the participants summarized it well ‘I cant believe the amount of shier competence and expertise present … Read More

Social Enterprise Seminar – Vancouver

November 18, 2012By Josephine De FreitasBrighter Smiles Uganda, Cambodia Eye Centre, Vietnam No Comments

Social Enterprise Seminar 2012. Held at the Creekside Community Centre Vancouver in Fall 2012, the seminar attracted a group of Rose Charities enthusiasts and supporters with wide interests and areas of involvement.  Rose Charities organizers believe very much in sustainability and local support and involvement for all projects and one way to achieve this is … Read More

Cambodian Honey Project

September 9, 2012By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre No Comments

Rose Charities is partnering with Hearts and Hands Cambodia(HHC) in an exciting new project, which both supports HHC’s Daycare Centre near Battambang and launches a new sustainable beekeeping initiative in this community. For over ten years, HHC has provided care, love and support to 75-100 local children who are among the poorest from eight villages … Read More

Rose Rehab Strengthens Ties

September 7, 2012By Josephine De FreitasCambodia Eye Centre No Comments

RCRC is Rose Charities centre for rehabilitation in Cambodia. They have been working towards a stronger partnership with Cambodia’s Government Health Services. A vital part of RCRC’s work is to collaborate with Cambodian government health services in order to reach the people in greatest need – the rural poor in Kandal province, where we are … Read More