The Honeyguide


honeyguideIn Zambia there is a fabulous bird called the Honeyguide. This smart little bird guides people to bee colonies. As a thank you for this you are supposed to leave the grubs behind for the Honeyguide.

Malambo Grassroots is hoping to start up a bee farming project for subsistence farmers in the Southern Province of Zambia – an expansion of our women’s income generating projects in the Monze region. We are very excited by the potential of the project.

I email Zambia about this possibility and receive an enthusiastic response:
“Our forestry department would like to promote bee keeping because then people would not cut trees and burn grass because that would diminish honey production. There are 500 bee varieties in southern province. And our honey is rich and delicious.”

As we do not know bee rearing techniques we need our own Honeyguide! Our potential guide, mentor, and teacher is a local BC business who will help us build up a plan for this project and instruct us on how to tend our bee colonies.

Wish us luck. This project will benefit many lives. And stay tuned for updates on how we are doing! If you would like to help us start up this project please make a donation through Canada Helps. Please select Malambo Grassroots from the drop down menu. Thank-you for your support.

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