African Hearts SchoolThe African Hearts School in Ssenge, Uganda celebrated the end of its first year of operation with a concert for parents. The photo shows the grade one class!

The school started with 211 children. The team of teachers recruited have created a wonderfully warm and safe atmosphere where the students thrive. Good academic standards have been achieved, and the community greatly values the school. The new school year started on January 30, 2012, and through the efforts of Rose donors, six more classrooms are nearing completion that will enable over 100 more children to be enrolled.

Construction has made use of a new form of compressed brick that can be made on site without the need to be fired. The machine to make them was provided through funds from Rose Charities. In addition to being a model of eco-friendly technology these bricks should have other applications in the community and making them provides a new source of employment for 3 local boys.

We are always looking to expand our school and our programs, please help us make this happen with a donation to Brighter Smiles Africa, a Rose Charities Project in Uganda.


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