We’re expanding!

November 23, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

Stand Tall opens again in January after a long hiatus of two years. The closure hasn’t been easy but it has given us the opportunity to plan for some big changes. First and foremost, we’re adding two new classes, Grades 1 and 2, with grade 3 coming in 2023. Going from a middle school to … Read More

Almost there

May 13, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

The perimeter wall at the back of the school is close to being completed. It will protect our new bakery building and our students playing in the open field. It’s a big but essential project.

Praying for Great Results

April 12, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

With Primary Leaving Exams on the horizon, the graduating class at Stand Tall assembles with prayers and candles in a ritual that aims to bring success to all our graduates. They’ve worked extra hard this year, having to catch up after a year-long school closure. We wish them the very best of luck when results … Read More

They’re Back!

March 15, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

It’s been almost a year since schools closed in Uganda but now the gradual reopening has begun. The grade seven graduating class is back and studying hard for the national Primary Leaving Exams at the end of March. The grade six class returned a couple of weeks ago and the lower classes will come back … Read More

The New Bakery Building

February 10, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

A donation by a son in memory of his mother who worked as a nurse in Uganda has provided the seed money for a new bakery building. The bakery program will equip students with skills that can help them generate income for themselves an their family. The building is in the finishing stages and we’re … Read More

A Container from Canada for Stand Tall

February 10, 2021By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

A container arrived from a Canadian donor and it is filled with carpentry equipment, bicycles, books, clothing, furniture and so much more. The carpentry machinery will allow us to teach carpentry skills to interested students. We’ll be building a work room to house it and hiring one of our graduates to teach.

Schools open in June

May 20, 2020By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda

Schools in Uganda will open in June for candidate classes only. It’s a beginning and this announcement has brought great joy to all involved. The school is being thoroughly cleaned.  Hand-washing stations will be set up throughout and the students will be instructed on social distancing and good hygiene. We look forward to welcoming all … Read More

Wash those Hands!

March 18, 2020By Nicole SchouelaStandTall Education Uganda No Comments

With a virus that is quickly spreading around the globe, we take hygiene seriously at Stand Tall. Anyone entering the premises must wash their hands with soap and water. We’ve gathered all of our learners together for information sessions on the virus and the risk of contracting it and spreading it to others. Is it … Read More