AMDA disaster relief teams rushed to northern Japan today 12 March 2011 to help with emergency health care. Included were physicians including a pediatrician, nurses and logisticians.  The teams will aim initially to assist the  most vulnerable and set up a pont to which emergency supplies and medications can be deliververed. AMDA is one of Japans formost emergancy relief orgainzations.  Teams have recently been engageed in releif in Christchurch, New Zealand.

AMDA has experience of over 100 emergency relief efforts including earthquakes, tsunami, and conflict related human disasters.  AMDA Canada runs out of Vancouver and supports AMDA HQ efforts in major disasters in conjunction with Rose Charities.

Donations to assist AMDA HQ relief teams are very much appreciated and are being collected by partner Rose Charities     See  or other Rose Charities sites.