Health Care

From delivering babies in Afghanistan to Eye hospitals in Cambodia, our healthcare projects have changed many lives within the communities we serve.


Rose Charities believes that access to education can improve the opportunities for an entire community.

Community Support

Sometimes a community's greatest needs are something more specific and we have a diverse range of community support projects from microcredit to youth soccer teams.

Low Overheads

We believe that donations should not be wasted on excessive overheads. Our administration costs never exceed 4%.

Partnership and Education

We support community based projects that have strong leadership, local staff and dedicated volunteers. Our role is to find the resources and skills to enhance their impact.


We do not dictate, but listen to communities and work with them as they find their own solutions to the problems of poverty and inequality.


Rose Charities including the Board of Directors and all the administration are volunteers. Salaries are paid to the local people in the communities that we serve.


We are secular and non-political. Our purpose is simply to improve quality of life.


We work with people from all backgrounds without discrimination. We believe all lives are inherently equal. We believe all children have a right to education, and all persons have a right to healthcare and safety.