michelle and courtenay the quilt









This beautiful quilt is travelling to Stand Tall in a few weeks. It will be placed in the infirmary room as a comforting symbol of love and unity. It was co-created by the grade 3 learners of 2015 & 2016 and it was designed and finished by Ms Michelle Lilyanna, their teacher, and Courtenay Crowell, a quilter and artist. The quilt was designed with our majestic forest and ocean in mind, while on the second side, the children traced their hands so that the children at Stand Tall can place their own hands over top.

Michelle Lilyanna has been a supporter of Stand Tall for many years. Her creativity and dedication to our school and its children has inspired her to raise money for a bed, mattress and bedding for the sick room. She has also initiated a pen pal program between her classes and those at Stand Tall and now, she has graced our school with a beautiful quilt for the comfort of our children when sick. We thank her for the energy and kindness she has shown us.

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