feet 289 year old volunteer teaches hygiene in Nepal

Meet our oldest Volunteer, her name is Indra Maya Adhikari. She lives in Nepal and at 89 years old is Rose Charities oldest volunteer.  She and her daughter Sarala are helping a village recover from the earthquake. She already takes an active part in supervising the rebuilding of homes. Now she has increased her role to teacher of hygiene and carer of the elderly.

Last week she noticed that 2 of the very poor old women (both way younger than her) in the village had long unkempt finger and toe nails. So, this week she arrived with bowl, soap brush and nail clippers and gave them both a manicure and pedicure (and a lecture on hygiene).

What beautiful compassion to wash and care for the hands and feet of these people who have suffered so much. Indra is an inspiration to us all.

If you would like to donate to Nepal Earthquake Relief, their work is ongoing with the poorest families, who do not qualify for government relief assistance because of sickness and injury.

Please Donate by clicking on the link below and type Nepal Earthquake Relief in the comments box. Thank-you for your donation!

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