Ten Ways That ROSE is Different From Other Charities


#1. We are Volunteers and there are no salaries in Canada.

That’s right, you heard me! Our team of passionate, dedicated project managers, organisers, fundraisers, and board of directors in Canada volunteer their time for Rose. In our project countries, we hire local teachers, doctors, nurses, and other necessary staff to keep our projects sustainable and to offer steady, fair employment that may otherwise be hard to come by.

#2. Huge Impact for Tiny Dollars

We spend just 4% on administration and 96% goes to the projects.  Our volunteers donate over $600,000 dollars worth of their time and resources so that every dollar donated can be stretched to make twice the impact.

#3. We are Secular.

Which means that we do not have a religious agenda and we support projects from all different denominations.

#4. We are non-political.

We accept no political donations and we have no political agenda.

#5. Our projects are run by professionals in their fields.

We have doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, teachers, midwives, business people, etc who have utilized their skills to make a difference in the world.

#6. We strive to make our projects sustainable.

From selling vegetables to sewing uniforms, we strive to make our projects self-sustaining. We are a huge supporter of skills-training and this helps our projects continue.

#7. We were started by Canadians

who wanted to make a difference in the world. Most of our projects are still run by Canadians and most of our donors are Canadian. Yay Canada!

#8. We are part of the Rose Charities Network

with groups and connections all over the world.

#9. We work with communities to solve their problems,

rather than dictate what they should be doing.

#10. We stretch a dollar as far as it will go.

We have less than 5% overheads, which means that 95% or more of your donation goes directly to the cause! Some larger charities have over 50% overheads! We believe that we can be most effective if we listen to what a community needs and then use our resources and volunteers to make it happen.


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